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The key to a successful coaching client relationship is a natural, mutual respect and interest in working together towards the client’s goals.  Clients have a whole world outside of “the problem” they need help with.  My work centers on the client’s strength and helping them adopt a healthy and accurate perspective on what is going on in their lives so they can identify the changes they can make that will help them.


Confidentiality is paramount to the Coach-Client Relationship.  There is something unique and cathartic in sharing very intimate thoughts and feelings with someone who is impartial and professionally trained to listen, interpret and guide.  It gives clients the opportunity to reflect on their goals and the pathway to achieve those goals.


Thoughts and intentions when shared with family, colleagues and friends don’t always have the impartiality that encourages self-exploration which allows for clear goals and creative paths to reach them.  


In person meetings are available as are phone sessions.  Depending on the circumstance, Skype and Zoom Video Calls can be arranged.  Consultations is 75 minutes and the following Coaching Sessions are for one hour. I offer packages of 6 Coaching Sessions and accept PayPal or Venmo.  I work on a sliding fee scale for clients needing some flexibility with fees.   

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