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Even in dark times,

there are bright places.

Because of the dramatic and sudden changes with the COVID-19 Pandemic, I feel compelled to share some additional thoughts. I lived within twenty blocks of The World Trade Center on September 11th. Living that close to Ground Zero in the very difficult and painful months that followed the attacks in New York changed me forever.


We got through those very painful times because of community and staying connected. The world changed forever and we all adapted. I lived to see New York City look more beautiful than ever and more recently, I got to witness New York respond to the COVID crisis and win. New York is a success story and it is a symbol of what's possible for each of us in our lives when things fall apart. 


Piece by piece life can come back together, different and often better.  If this pandemic is leading you to consider what are your life goals, then good. Because that makes sense. These are unprecedented times, and re-thinking what you truly want from life is a sign of strength and self-worth  It indicates that somewhere inside, there is a knowing, that hope is a reasonable space to embrace, while figuring out the next steps.  

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