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Seth answers your questions

How can you help me?

As a certified Life Coach my goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to find their way to a more fulfilled life.  Often clients come to me unhappy in their personal and professional relationships or they are unhappy in their careers. Many of my clients are dealing with health issues including bouts of depression and anxiety that follow an imbalance in their lives.  My expertise is in addiction helping many clients who prefer the privacy and modality of coaching as an initial step to addressing issues of their substance abuse and how it impacts their lives and relationships. 

What are your credentials?

As a certified coach, I bring to the table the same skill set and experience I did in my twenty-five years of practice as a licensed therapist with a focus more on the present and future rather than an emphasis on the past. However, my training and experience as a therapist gives me the extra edge to assist my coaching clients in moving forward when they discover that issues from the past are interfering with them getting what they want and need. 

How would it work?

It is my role and privilege to help clients become clearer about their goals and understand what it takes to accomplish them. Together, my clients and I design a plan to help them achieve success as they define it. My style is very much conversational in a confidential and professional environment. 

What is the length of a coaching session and a coaching plan?

A typical session will last one hour with a recommended time period ranging from 3-6 months for measurable change to occur.

What is your philosophy?

My years of practice have reinforced my conviction that people can turn their circumstances around and become more hopeful when they have the knowledge and guidance to help them.  I can say without any doubt that the critical step that people take in getting from here to there faster is acknowledging that asking for help is a sign of courage and is the turning point that makes the difference. 

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is assured and is an essential component to  the coach-client relationship. 

​Do you accept insurance for your services?

Operating as a coach allows us freedom from the confines of traditional psychotherapy, including breaking away from a medical model without the emphasis on a diagnosis, and therefore services are not covered under insurance plans. However, it is my mission to help people and we can come to a workable solution around fees.

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